Author : C.Manju Priya, Jayaraj , Dr Uma S
Page No: 124-142
Abstract : A huge amount of data is being generated everyday through different transactions in industries, social networking, communication systems etc. Big data is a term that represents vast volumes of high speed, complex and variable data that require advanced procedures and technologies to enable the capture, storage, management, and analysis of the data. Big data analysis is the capacity of representing useful information from these large datasets. Due to characteristics like volume, veracity, and velocity, big data analysis is becoming one of the most challenging research problems. Semantic analysis is method to better understand the implied or practical meaning of the input dataset. It is mostly applied with ontology to analyze content mainly in web resources. This field of research combines text analysis and Semantic Web technologies. The use semantic knowledge is to aid sentiment analysis of queries like emotion mining, popularity analysis, recommendation systems, user profiling, etc. A new method has been proposed to extract semantic relationships between different data attributes of big data which can be applied to a decision system.
Keyword Map Reduce, Big Data, Sentimental Analysis, Web technologies.